Which brands do Poles love the most?

With the 2nd Original study for Poland, we aimed to assess behaviours and attitudes of Polish consumers regarding brands in various categories and find out how intimate they feel with the most popular ones. The results show that chocolate holds a special place in Polish hearts regardless of age.

In addition to chocolate brands, which seem to have reached all audiences, the younger generations have shown a particular preference for technology-related brands (such as Samsung, YouTube, etc.), while the older generations are attached to more classic brands (such as Winiary or Hortex). It also appeared that grocery stores’ brands are particularly special for female shoppers with Rossmann, Biedronka and Lidl landing in the Top 20 of the ranking.

The Love Brands survey was conducted during May 2021 online, on a representative sample of 1,000 people in Poland, and included 125 brands. The purpose of the research was to examine the degree of connection of the Poles with each one of them. The final ranking was based on a) how many people had experience with the brand, b) the level of connection they felt with it, c) as well as the reasons that create this connection.

 The diagram below shows the general ranking of the first 20 brands / companies, their score from the whole sample, the industry to which they belong, along with their ranking among brands of the same industry.

A few words about WisdropWisdrop is a pioneering Braincandy subscription service that was developed in Greece in 2020 and expanded to Poland early this year. Wisdrop aims to change the way companies approach market research and help them make better decisions and create better products and services. Through Wisdrop, even the smallest organization can access rich and up-to-date market knowledge at any time, from a computer or tablet. New surveys are added to Wisdrop every week. For more information, visit www.wisdrop.com.

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