The market research agency that helps you make better decisions.

We leverage the latest developments in behavioural economics and neuromarketing to predict human behaviour and help you make better business decisions.

We are experts in Brand health tracking, Advertising effectiveness and Innovation.

Why Braincandy ?

Implicit Research Tools

We don’t take what people say at face value. Our research tools are designed to go beyond plausible answers. In fact, we have created a whole Academy on that, and have trained numerous companies across the world.

Outcomes vs just insights

We believe that research is useless unless it drives action and business results. We have worked for many years from the client side and had enough of unvalidated research approaches and endless presentations. We have been in your shoes and we are now here to make your business life easier.

Awards & innovations

With 2 global innovations and many awards in our roster, you will forget anything you knew about market research. You will realise that market research is not dull and boring, but mind opening and sexy!

Popular research tools

Equity Tracking

Our flagship tool will help you track everything you'll need and nothing more about your brand.

Adverting Effectiveness

Test your TV Ads against an extensive database and optimise your media investment .

Concept Screening

Let the Wisdom of the Crowds distinguish between rather good concepts and real rockets!


Reveal unmet needs and translate them into business opportunities, following JobToBeDone framework.

Product Testing

Let your new product reach 600 HHLs and get feedback under normal conditions (only for Greece).

CX & Product Reviews

Add a simple script on your website or e-shop and improve Customer Experience and sales!

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