Only 1 out of 10 really cares about the environment

While one in two claims to be concerned about the environment and almost all (9 out of 10) believe that we, as individuals, are responsible for its protection, only one out of ten takes actions towards this direction, based on the latest Sustainability study by Braincandy for Wisdrop. The study took place during January 2021 with 800 people across Greece.

According to this study, convenience remains the number one motivational driver (ie. for recycling), which proves one more time that our behaviour shapes our attitude and not the opposite. In other words, we don’t recycle because we believe that we need to do something for the environment, but after we start taking action for some reason (we see others around us doing it, there is a new recycle bin outside our house, etc.) we change our attitude respectively so as to fit our behaviour (we can read more on this here).

This study also examined how people evaluate over 100 brands/companies regarding their contribution on environmental protection. Watch the Top20 in the following video.

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