Introducing Brand Beat 4.0

Introducing our best ever Brand Health Tracker! 

Brand Beat 4.0 is definitely more intuitive, more inspiring and far more practical than any other equity tracker you might have used!

It can run across the globe in just a few days, providing rich diagnostics and clear directions on things that really matter.

Watch how it works.

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Cześć Polsko

This is to announce that after a very successful year in Greece, we are expanding Wisdrop service to Poland and we are very happy to welcome Maria Szymczyk in our team, as Braincandy’s Country Director for Poland. She will show to Polish companies that market research doesn’t have to be

Greeks closer to brands in 2021

Besides major restrictions of COVID pandemic, Greeks seem to have come closer to brands this year, according to the latest Love Brands study that was conducted by Braincandy for Wisdrop. This is the 2nd Season of the study that took place in February 2021 (1st was conducted last year) with