Greeks closer to brands in 2021

Besides major restrictions of COVID pandemic, Greeks seem to have come closer to brands this year, according to the latest Love Brands study that was conducted by Braincandy for Wisdrop. This is the 2nd Season of the study that took place in February 2021 (1st was conducted last year) with 1,000 people across Greece.

Chocolate brands remain at the top of the list of the most loved brands in Greece, with no real differences among demographics. Apart from chocolate brands, younger generations showed greater intimacy to entertainment brands (ie. PlayStation, YouTube, etc.), bringing Netflix within the Top10. Older generations remained loyal to more classic and local brands (ie. Papadopoulou, Giotis, EVGA).

Nespresso showed dramatic increase vs last year, coming to the 55th place of the general ranking (vs 81st last year), while PlayStation reached 41st (vs 59th) and entered Top10 for Generation Y.

Here is the list with the Top20 Love Brands for 2021. You can see their Overall ranking, their Love score, along with their ranking within their category for this and last year.

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