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All our tools are based on the latest in market research and can be easily applied across the globe at very competitive prices.

Market Scan

U&A study with segmenation

Personal online interviews with over 1,200 people to capture habits and practices, segment population and assess new opportunities.

Typical Price: €24,900

Profile Humanisation

Deep dive on segments and magazines.

Advanced analytics of Market Scan segments to transform them into real human profiles that people can understand and unique presentation (magazines) to increase actionability.

Typical Price: €8,900

Brand Beat

Brand Health Tracker

A representative sample of 600 people express feelings and associations regarding your brand and key competitors.

Typical Price: €9,900


Full day workshop

A structured process facilitated by 2 senior consultans, that helps the team deep dive into profiles and make the best choices.

Typical Price: €2,600

Generation CX

Syndicated study on CX in Greece

A syndicated online quantitative study with over 1,000 people regarding CX in Greece across 7 industries.

Typical Price: €4,999

Shopper Missions

Implicit mystery shopping

An innovative mystery shopping methodology that is based on real shoppers and focuses on total journey experience.

Consumer Workshops

Idea generation process

5 groups of 4 consumers and 1 person from your business (brand teams, research team, agencies, etc) that run in parallel. Braincandy leads facilitation following specific graphic templates.

Typical Price: €5,950

Brain Commmunities

Syndicated online community

A group of 30 women, 25-44 years-old, that share opinions through a syndicated online community, under Braincandy's moderation. Based on the subscription plan you choose, you can use the community for up to 3 topics within a year.

Typical Price: €7,490


Concept screener

A faithfully aggregated sample of 500 people play an online game and provide solid quantitative and rich qualitative diagnostics for up to 12 concepts.

Typical Price: €6,390


Initiative assessment & optimiser

Online research where a virtual context of your market is designed, providing solid indications about a initiative's success, along with optimisation advices.

Typical Price: €9,890

Brand Tunes

Communication screener

A representative sample of 300 people evaluates 4-5 communicatin materials: animatics (pre-test) or final TVC (compare vs. competition for investment).

Typical Price: €5,950


Product sampling & testing

Your product is sent to 500 households in Greece where consumers try it under normal conditions and evaluate it online, providing feedback in real time.

Typical Price: €1,749


Review & personalisation platform

Next generation review platform that leverages Big data & Artificial intelligence to create value for shoppers, retailers, brands and agencies.

Data Rebirth

Advanced analysis of existing data

Advanced statistical analysis of your existing data (CRM, Sales, Marketing mix, etc) to reveal opportunities and help you make choices.

Power Modelling

Predictive analytics and A.I.

Predictive model development, using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help you simulate reality and automate processes.