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BrainEvaluator is the ultimate concept screener. Based on the Prediction Markets approach, BrainEvaluator challenges the rules of traditional research, tapping our ability as social animals to predict other people’s behaviour better than we predict our own. It follows a comparative approach that has been extensively validated and proven to be as accurate as the Monadic test, but far more discriminating, able to spot breakthrough ideas that would otherwise be buried under average mean scores.

In BrainEvaluator, a sample of 500 people play an online game and provide solid quantitative and rich qualitative diagnostics for up to 12 concepts in real time.

Typical price:    € 6,400
excluding V.A.T.

Why choose this tool?
Test 12 ideas at once. No need to pre-select the most “appropriate ones” in advance.
Solid answers quicker than ever. Results in real time means decisions within as little as 24 hours.
Rich qualitative diagnostics apart from quantitative data and further improve winning concepts.
Don’t lose any breakthrough idea under mean scores again. We spot them as Stop & Rethink!
Test ideas anywhere in the world, in any language, any culture.

Key Deliverables
Success Probability Shows how many people accept the concept.
Net preference Reveals the best out of the tested concepts.
New online platform Provides real time results for all concepts.
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BrainMarket is the closest honest market research can get to initiative qualification and volume forecasting. Ideal for measuring initiative potential and fine tuning price and communication before launch.

Purchase Intention (PI) has numerously failed to predict success of breakthrough ideas, while on the other hand tends to boost “me-too” concepts that consumers feel familiar with. But most importantly, Purchase Intention fails to create a realistic context. On the other hand, market results (i.e. volume share) depend on so many different factors that you end up adding assumptions, after having spent an extensive amount of time, effort and money in collecting and analysing data.

BrainMarket is an initiative success forecaster that overcomes usual Purchase Intention pitfalls and makes your life easier. It forces a comparison of various product initiatives and uses key measures in order to provide solid indications about a concept’s in-market success potential (volume share indications) along with optimisation tips in overall concept, packaging, price and portfolio.

Starting at    € 9,500
excluding V.A.T.

Why choose this tool?
Learn what to expect in terms of volume, along with what it takes in order to achieve it.
Find the optimum value spot. Don’t overdo it with price cuts and promotions.
Read rich qualitative diagnostics apart from quantitative data and further improve your concept.
Optimise product portfolio and better leverage your investment.

Key Deliverables
Volume Indicator Indicates expected volume uplift depending on different investment scenarios.
Price Optimiser Calculates optimum pricing for total product range.
Portfolio Optimiser Analyses different consumer profile preferences and suggests optimum portfolio.
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